What Are Some Tips for Negotiating the Rent on a Five-Bedroom House?


People take several approaches when negotiating the rent price on a home, including researching other rentals in the area to find lower prices then asking the landlord to match, presenting references from past landlords demonstrating trustworthiness and making payments on time. In many cases, landlords have difficulty finding and retaining loyal and trustworthy tenants. Renters that present good credit scores and good references from previous experiences stand a better chance of having a rent lowered, say analysts at Forbes.

There are several approaches for requesting lower rents, but divide best strategies between tenants who already rent homes and those who do not. For current renters looking to reduce upcoming payments, waiting until the end of a lease period improves chances of securing a reduced payment, note Forbes researchers. Typically, landlords become more nervous about finding new tenants towards the end of an upcoming lease, and are more likely to negotiate a lower price with a current renter in good standing.

For new renters, making a move at certain times in the year might help chances of securing a lower rent. People looking to rent a shore home, for instance, have a better chance of getting a lower price when making an offer during the off-season, or winter months, than as summer approaches. Lastly, maintaining a friendly and polite approach in all correspondence with potential landlords gives a good impression, and may make landlords more willing to negotiate prices.

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