What Are Some Tips for Managing Your ITunes Library?

What Are Some Tips for Managing Your ITunes Library?

Tips for managing an iTunes library include deleting duplicate songs, using the sound check feature to normalize song volumes and setting up multiple libraries to separate large amounts of content. Smart playlists and iTunes Genius are a quick way to create a song playlist.

To delete duplicate songs, click File, and then click Display Duplicates on the drop-down menu that appears. ITunes displays songs with the same title and artist. To delete lower quality duplicates, click View, and then click View Options from the drop-down menu. Check Bit Rate in the Show Columns list, and click OK. The duplicate with a higher bit rate is the higher quality song.

To set up the sound check, adjust the volume slider to the desired level. Click iTunes if using a Mac, or Edit on a Windows computer, and click Preferences on the drop-down menu. Next, click Playback, check the box next to Sound Check, and click OK.

To create a new library, hold down the Option key if using a Mac, or the Shift key if using a Windows computer, while iTunes launches. Then click Create a New Library. After creating the library, add content to it.

Set a criteria for a smart playlist to set up iTunes to play songs that match the criteria.

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