What Are Some Tips for Making Cylinder Storage Cabinets?

When building cylinder storage cabinets, measure carefully to create a cabinet to suit your needs. If used for outdoor applications, measure the height and width of your outdoor tools, and use those dimensions as a basis for the cabinet's dimensions. Generally, add 2 extra inches to account for the depth of the largest item you plan to store. Combine the length of a row of the gathered items, and add 6 inches to account for additional space between those items.

Organize the information according to an easy-to-understand blueprint, which can help you with the wood purchases for the project. Because of the cylindrical shape, choose several pieces of wood that curve horizontally and are of the same dimensions for an evenly built container. Additionally, plan ahead for the bottom, lid and rivets. Some decorative pieces may also include pegs for the cylinder's feet.

To add further details to the storage container, install shelving, peg boards or storage baskets within for smaller items. Individual storage units within the larger container are versatile, and you can get as creative as you want to make any number of additional storage containers. Before beginning the project, measure everything as carefully as possible, several times if necessary, to avoid making mistakes during the construction.