What Are Some Tips for Installing a Bathroom Shower?


Tips for installing a bathroom shower include making sure there is enough piping material available and having the right pieces to connect new piping to old. Another tip is to seal the drain with plumber's putty.

It is a good idea to cover exposed framing with water resistant dry wall when installing a shower. All seams that are exposed to water should also be sealed with silicone-based caulk. If installing a shower in an existing shower space, be sure to remove enough drywall to allow enough space for installing any required framing or blocking.

Install the control unit by attaching it to the framing with pre-drilled holes. Plug any unused outlets on the control unit, and wrap the plugs and threaded pipe connections with a few turns of teflon tape. Make sure the connections are snug, but not too tight. One may choose to secure all piping to the framing.

Always check for leaks after attaching the water pipes and make any necessary adjustments. Installing an access door when finishing the dry wall is another good tip. In the case of luxury showers with multiple heads, larger water supply lines are needed. Installing pressure loops is necessary to achieve consistent water pressure from every shower head.

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