What Are Tips for Getting Free Home Furniture?


Tips for finding free home furniture include searching online, visiting a college campus on move-out day and checking curb side. It is a good idea to spray free furniture for bed bugs and other insects before installing it in the home.

Craigslist is a great online resource to find free furniture. The furniture is usually listed under the For Sale heading, under the Free section. Possible finds include old televisions, sofas and glass cabinets. Additional pieces such as pallets and rabbit hutches can be used to create furniture.

Freecycle is another online resource, which specifically advertises only free furniture. This is an online forum available in most cities and offers people a chance to give away old furniture rather than throw it away.

College campuses are also a good source of free furniture, particularly when students are moving out. The campus dumpsters are usually filled with furniture that can be easily refurbished and used in the home.

Lastly, free furniture can be found curb-side, particularly on heavy trash pickup days. Garage sales are a source of cheap furniture, especially towards the end of the day. People are more willing to sell furniture at significantly reduced prices, especially if they are trying to get rid of larger items.

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