What Are Some Tips for Finding Good Deals on LCD TVs?

Find discounted LCD TVs at BestBuy.com, DealNews.com or at the Craigslist.org site for the city nearest you. LCD TVs in the Best Buy Outlet section at BestBuy.com are often available at substantial discounts, while Craigslist.org often lists discounted used LCD TVs that you can pick up locally to avoid shipping charges or sales tax.

Various Best Buy brick-and-mortar stores list certain discounted items in the Best Buy Outlet section at BestBuy.com. Sometimes you can pick up these items in-store to avoid shipping charges; they include products categorized as clearance, refurbished and open-box. Open-box items are often available at steep discounts because they are missing one or more items, such as a manual or the original packaging, or because they have minor cosmetic defects such as scratches. Typically, these products function as new and are covered by the same warranty and return policies as new items.

Deal News scours the Internet for the best deals on many products, including LCD TVs, and publishes them on its website at DealNews.com. Shoppers can search for LCD TVs by make, size, price, condition and resolution. Walmart.com often features discounted LCD TVs in its Online Specials section, where shoppers can search by brand, price or customer rating.