What Are Some Tips for Finding Coupons?

Tips for finding coupons include checking mail inserts for local ads, picking up a Sunday edition of a newspaper for special manufacturer coupons, and using online coupon aggregate sites such as CouponCabin.com to find online printable coupons, as of 2015. Other tips include inquiring at local grocery stores for manufacturer coupons, checking in-store ads and fliers, and looking for coupon pages on the websites of major retailers such as Target.

Companies such as Red Plum send out coupons via the mail system to residents on a weekly basis at no charge. The Sunday edition of major newspapers also feature exclusive coupon and promotional inserts, with expiration dates and discount amounts that vary significantly from other locations. Some grocery stores also print coupons on the back of receipts, often for local businesses. Supermarkets may also offer customers Catalina coupons that come on a separate sheet of special paper after completing a transaction and can feature discounts on specific merchandise.

Shoppers should also speak to grocery store managers to find out if they have any excess coupons, such as those meant to appear on products in store, or if they set them out at another location within the premises. Some grocers also publish exclusive coupons that are often available at the entrance to the store. Retailers such as Target publish manufacturer and store-exclusive coupons on a special section of its website.