What Are Some Tips for a Felon Looking for an Apartment?


Tips for a felon looking for an apartment include checking areas where felons can rent apartments without restrictions and being honest about a criminal record, explains SFGate. People with felony records should look for properties where they can deal with the landlord directly. Such a landlord usually owns a few units.

Felons may find it difficult to get apartments because landlords check criminal records prior to renting out apartments, notes SFGate. Individuals in this situation should disclose all criminal records when applying for rental properties, but they should not include convictions that are older than 7 years on rental applications when searching for housing in California, where background checks may fail to show criminal records.

People with felonies on their records can contact real estate agents to assist with finding apartments, advises SFGate. The agents may be professionals in finding properties for former offenders. Generally, landlords who own a small number of units manage properties on their own. Such owners are unlikely to conduct background checks. In contrast, management companies that manage large properties usually reject applications from people with criminal records.

Former offenders can look for communities that help felons with finding apartments, states SFGate. In California, the Reentry Council of the City and County of San Francisco provides felons with information on housing, while the Northern California Service League in San Francisco helps the individuals with finding apartments.

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