What Are Some Tips for Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit?

What Are Some Tips for Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit?

Tips for choosing the right self storage unit include considering the location and size, verifying the payment policy and verifying security. Ask about climate control and pest control options, and pay attention to the facility's cleanliness. Conduct research, and read reviews from previous clients before choosing a self storage unit.

Choose a self storage unit that is large enough to accommodate all your belongings. Consider how often you need to visit the unit, and use this information to choose a location. The location may affect the price, as most storage facilities in large cities are more expensive that facilities outside of town.

Always compare prices, and ask for discounts, especially if you intend to store your possessions in the units for a long time. Verify the payment policies of the various storage facilities. Some companies auction the client's possessions if he does not pay on time, and it is important to be aware of such policies.

Make sure the storage company has security measures to protect the property. These measures include security guards, surveillance cameras, limited access and security locks. Choose a self storage unit that receives pest control services regularly. If you have items that may be damaged by weather elements, ask if the company has climate-controlled units.

Work with a company that maintains cleanliness in its facilities. Read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends and family members to help choose the right self storage unit.

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