Are Throat Polyps Serious?

Are Throat Polyps Serious?

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, throat polyps are not malignant but can cause serious problems, especially if the voice is important to the patient’s career. Polyps are soft growths that develop on the vocal cords, causing hoarseness and other vocal problems as well as throat pain.

Causes of Throat Polyps

Throat polyps occur due to vocal abuse or trauma, usually over a period of time. People most likely to develop throat polyps include:

  • Singers
  • Smokers
  • Professional speakers

Treating Throat Polyps

Treatment for throat polyps varies from behavioral changes to surgery. A professional singer or speaker can learn how to vocalize in ways that are less likely to injure the vocal cords. If polyps are not treated, they can develop into nodules, which are more difficult to treat. If nodules have developed, a doctor might recommend complete vocal rest or steroids. Polyps can also occur as a result of GERD or thyroid problems.

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