What Are Some Things to Consider When Buying Surf Fishing Rigs?

When buying a surf fishing rig, important considerations include the overall cost; the type of reel and the material of which it's constructed; the length, flexibility, strength and weight of the rod; and the weight rating of the line. In general, desirable features include an aluminum spinning reel, a rod at least 7 feet in length composed of graphite, and line that is rated at least 20-pound test. Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops sell many suitable products at competitive prices.

Typically, saltwater-rated aluminum reels are recommended for saltwater fishing because aluminum is less prone to corrosion than other metals. In addition, aluminum reels tend to be lighter; keeping the overall weight of the rig down is desirable. Most anglers agree that spinning reels are best because they are easy to clean and easy to cast. Spinning reels also facilitate the long casts typically needed when casting from a beach.

Typically, anglers catch larger fish in saltwater than in fresh water and the pull of incoming and outgoing tides and surf action can increase the strain on a rig. For these reasons, graphite rods are a popular choice among anglers because they are lightweight, strong and flexible. Using line with a high weight rating is desirable for the same reasons, although it's best to choose the lightest line suitable to the fish being caught in the setting. Using heavier line typically reduces casting distance.