How Do You Find Temporary Apartments?

Three ways to find temporary apartments are to look at ads, to check posts on college housing bulletin boards and to check apartment guides. Another way is to contact companies that offer corporate stay apartments and hotel suites.

Ads for temporary apartments are often in newspaper sections titled "Temporary Housing," "Short-Term" or "Sublets." Neighborhood as well as city newspapers have housing ads. has a "sublets/temporary" area in its housing section. College kiosks and bulletin boards often have posters or notices about temporary apartments and sublets. Some schools have websites for posting these online as well.

Apartment guides list apartment complexes and larger apartment buildings. Some complexes offer short-term leases or designate some units as short-stay units. Short-term leases are usually for three or six months and generally rent for more than apartments with year-long leases. Short-stay units may have 30-day minimum stays or no minimum-stay requirements and are often furnished. Some apartment guides have special sections for short-term apartments; others mention them in the apartment complex descriptions of those complexes that have them.

Corporate stay companies may have their own temporary apartments or may serve as an agency for complexes and smaller properties. Korman Residential Properties is one company that offers corporate suites and short-stay apartments. is a website that lists corporate apartments.

Residential and extended-stay hotels also offer temporary apartments. These typically follow a hotel model in which the guest reserves and pays for the suite or apartment by the night or week. There is no rental application and generally no commitment to stay for a minimum amount of time. The apartments are furnished and come with linens and basic kitchen supplies and dishes. The hotel usually provides daily or weekly housekeeping.