How Do You Teach Fire Safety to Kids?


To teach fire safety to children, create an escape plan, practice fire safety skills, talk about fire prevention, and plan fire safety activities. Set rules and teach kids how to act safely around dangers such as fireplaces, candles, portable heaters and kitchen appliances.

Teaching kids the basics of fire safety helps them both prevent fires and know how to react in the case of a fire. The skills children gain from fire safety activities may help them protect themselves and get to a safe place should a fire occur.

Hands-on activities give children a chance to practice fire-safety skills. Create a fire escape plan with at least two exits from every room so children know how to get out in case of a fire. Conduct fire drills so the kids internalize how to use those escape methods. In a two-story home, practice using escape ladders so children know how they function.

Practice crawling low to the floor, so children learn to stay below the smoke. Practice the stop, drop and roll technique so children know what to do if their clothes catch fire.

Get children involved in home fire-safety tasks, such as testing smoke detectors and changing the batteries. Point out potential dangers such as candles burning near flammable items or an electrical appliance with a frayed cord.