How Do You Find Tabby Kittens for Sale?


Look for tabby kittens at the animal shelter, a pet rescue organization or online classifieds. Friends, family members and acquaintances may also have tabby kittens. Tabby cats are extremely common and are not breed specific. The name Tabby refers to a striped and spotted pattern on a domestic cat.

Although there are some breeds that present as tabbies, such as Bengals or American Shorthair cats, a tabby cat is not considered rare or unique. Tabby markings represent a common phenotype of ancestral cats that has carried down to the domesticated varieties we see today. They are unique in that all cats with tabby patterns have an M design on their forehead, just above and slightly between the eyes. Tabbies come in black, brown, grey, orange, and even calico.

In the 1800's, tabby cats were thought to be the familiars of witches, rather than the black cats that have dominated modern cat superstitions. Tabby cats visually resemble their wild cousins and many large cats. Markings on a tabby cat are either a marbled pattern of stripes or a combination of stripes and spots. Some people claim that tabby cats are more destructive to wild life than cats with different coat types.

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