What Are the Symptoms of Throat Cancer?


Symptoms of throat cancer can include throat pain, vocal changes, pain when swallowing, weight loss, nosebleeds and oral bleeding, according to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Individuals with throat cancer may also experience symptoms of swollen glands, chronic coughing and neck swelling.

Additional symptoms of throat cancer may include pain in the ear and sores or swellings that do not heal, according to Mayo Clinic. However, these symptoms are not specific to throat cancer, so it is important for individuals with persistent, unexplained symptoms to consult with a physician in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Throat cancers can affect the vocal cords, the tonsils, the voice box and other areas of the throat, according to Healthline. The condition is divided into two categories. Pharyngeal cancer affects the pharynx, and laryngeal cancer affects the larynx.

Risk factors for developing cancer of the throat include cigarette smoking, poor oral health, alcoholism and vitamin A deficiencies. Healthline adds that treatment for the condition depends on the specific stage of cancer. Small tumors can often be removed with surgical procedures, followed with radiation treatments. Larger tumors or growths that have spread into surrounding tissues may require chemotherapy treatments. In certain cases, individuals with throat cancer may need to learn how to swallow and speak properly again after receiving treatment.

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