What Are Symptoms of a Schwannoma Nerve Tumor?


Symptoms of a schwannoma nerve tumor include hearing loss, coordination and balance loss, painful facial swellings, weakness, and numbness along the face, according to WebMD. A schwannoma is a nerve sheath tumor, a growth that develops in the tissue that surrounds nerves.

A schwannoma nerve tumor is often not malignant, but it presses on the nerves and causes problems, explains WebMD. Most of these tumors form in the head or neck. As they grow, they press on nerves that run to the ears or brain. This pressure in turn can cause a person to hear ringing in his hears or experience some hearing loss. The pressure also affects the inner ear that deals with balance and coordination. The compressed nerves can also travel to the face, causing facial numbness or even swellings.

Malignant schwannomas are called neurofibrosarcomas, a rare soft-tissue cancer, says WebMD. These malignant schwannoma tumors usually occur lower in the body along the arms and legs and can spread throughout the body. A person with these malignant tumors often experience painful swellings in the arms and legs as well as heaviness and difficulty in the limbs. Although schwannomas have unpleasant side effects, they often don't require treatment. If they become malignant, however, the tumors need to be removed surgically.

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