How Often Does Subway Change Its Sandwich Specials?

The frequency and timing of Subway's sandwich specials vary, but many specials change monthly. Subway also occasionally offers deals on special days, such as National Sandwich Day. Since Subway is a franchise, owners have some control over what specials their restaurants offer.

Subway's $5 foot-long promotion, which is optional for franchises as of 2015, features certain foot-long sandwiches for $5 every month. One or more featured sandwiches, which change every month, are also available for $5.

Subway offers both short-term and long-term specials. Its Simple $6 menu, which includes a 6-inch sandwich, drink and bag of chips for $6, has run for over a year. Other specials, such as a $2 6-inch sub special and a buy-one-get-one free special, were only available for a month and a day, respectively.