What Is the Study of Medicine?


The study of medicine involves learning about the science of healing and the promotion of health, the treatment and prevention of disease and the practice of diagnosis. Studying medicine also requires learning about drugs used to treat diseases. Modern medical study necessitates learning about several fields of science and practice.

Modern medical study involves learning about clinical practice, a realm of medical service provision in which patients are assessed personally. Studying medicine also requires learning how to administer the drugs used to prevent, treat and cure disease.

Healthcare science, a branch of medical study, is a multidisciplinary field that deals with the application of engineering, science and technology for delivering health care. Biomedical research is a branch of medical study that involves the use of biomedical techniques to study biological processes and diseases, with the goal of developing treatments and cures. Additionally, the study of medicine may include learning about alternative medicine philosophies that are often based on historical or cultural traditions rather than scientific evidence.

Studying medicine can involve learning about surgical procedure. This branch of medicine involves the removal or replacement of diseased organs and tissues. Medical study also requires learning about medical devices such as implants, instruments, in vitro reagents and apparatuses used in the diagnosis of disease.

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