What Is the Study Island K-12 Program?

The Study Island K-12 program is a large suite of educational tools used by school districts and individuals to improve learning outcomes for students in primary and secondary education. The Study Island K-12 program includes both educational materials for students and teachers, as well as analytical tools for administrators.

Study Island's products use a standards-based approach to classroom instruction. This means that teachers are not teaching material directly from a textbook or only preparing students for standardized examinations, but are also using Study Island to model lesson plans that fit the needs of every student.

Study Island's products feature differentiated instruction. This means that any particular Study Island product can be modified for each student. Teachers and administrators also have access to real-time results from students using Study Island products. Educators can use these results to alter Study Island products, ensuring that all students remain engaged in the curriculum and challenged by the material.

Study Island uses a cloud computing distribution model known as software-as-a-service, or SaaS. This means that all of Study Island's software tools are located in the cloud and are accessible on any compatible computer with Internet access. Using the SaaS model ensures that Study Island's customers always have access to the company's latest software versions and products without having to purchase and install any new physical copies.