Which Stores Have Used Chevy 350 Engines for Sale?


Purchase used Chevy 350 engines from sites such as Amazon.com, eBay, Craigslist, Remanufactured Chevy 350 Engines & Motors and Chevy350Engines.com. Each site offers details about the condition of the engine, with pricing and shipping options varying from seller to seller.

Used Chevy 350 engines found on Amazon.com are sold by third parties through the Amazon Marketplace program, wherein different companies are able to sell products using the sites full suite of features. A user looking at the general listing for an engine has the ability to view all available items sold by the different sellers by clicking on the appropriate link beneath the engine's title, as of April 2015. This loads a list that contains entries for each seller, along with the engine's sale price, shipping costs and feedback. A seller's feedback is the best way for a buyer to tell whether or not a seller is reliable.

Auction site eBay also features seller feedback, as it exclusively sells items from third parties. Feedback is written by users with a verified purchase from that seller, which reduces the likelihood of falsified feedback. Each listing for used Chevy 350 engines on the site also contains shipping information about the item, as well as any associated costs.