What Are the Steps for Shaping Eyebrows?

The first step to shaping eyebrows is to locate and visualize the desired shape and thickness of the eyebrows. Second, fill in the eyebrows and brush all the hairs in the same direction before beginning to pluck. The final step is to pluck the stray hairs. Only pluck the area underneath the eyebrow, making sure to occasionally step away from the mirror to assess the progress. Eyebrow arches should be the same height to achieve symmetry.

The starting point of the eyebrows should be about one inch above the corner of the eye and align with the upper bridge of the nose. The arch should fall about three-quarters in from the start of the brow. It can be measured by creating an angle from the tip of the nose through the pupil with a ruler or straight object. Placing the ruler on the outer nose through the corner of the eye designates the end of the eyebrow.

Makeup artists recommend filling in the brow and marking the desired length with an eyebrow pencil. After filling in the brow, brush the hairs back for a clearer view of the area. Pluck hairs that fall in the space between the brows above the bridge of the nose, the hairs under the shape of the desired arch, and stray hairs below the line of the eyebrow.