What Are the Steps in the Child Adoption Process?


Steps in the child adoption process include completing an application with an adoption agency, attending required training classes, completing a home study, getting approved to adopt and accepting the match of a child when available. Parents must also receive an adoption placement and then begin the process of legally adopting the child.

The application process for adoption varies from state to state, but in most cases, aspiring parents must complete pre-service training through an agency and complete an application. The application is commonly accompanied by verification of income, proof of minimum age, a criminal record and background check, and letters of reference from family members, employers or community members who can vouch for the aspiring parents' character and parenting abilities.

A home study is a crucial process of the adoption process. A caseworker assesses the family's education, employment, daily life and parenting experiences during a personal interview with the potential parents and family members. Caseworkers also gather details about the neighborhood, the applicant's home, relationships and social activities, and the couple's reasons for wanting to adopt. Some agencies may request a family book or portfolio that pregnant women seeking to put their children up for adoption can use as a resource.