What Does a Stay-at-Home Mom Put on Her Resume?


While experts offer several ideas to include on the resume of a stay-at-home mom when re-entering the workforce, as with any resume, it is essential to be honest. If, during the mom's time at home, she has volunteered at school or other organizations, worked part time or has freelance experience, she should list it in chronological order.

According to Working Mother Media, it is better to avoid any attempt to cover up the time spent at home by using a euphemism such as domestic engineer. Even though parenting is hard work, the hiring manager is unlikely to take such sections seriously. The stay-at-home mom should avoid using a functional resume, even though it seems an easy way to cover the gap in work experience. Hiring managers recognize this approach as an attempt to hide something. Instead, choose a combination resume. This form begins with a career summary to highlight one's skills and grab the potential employer's attention and then adds a chronological listing of job experience.

The resume is just one tool in beginning a new career. Proactive use of networking with people offers a different approach. While the potential employer is likely to ask for a resume, already knowing the applicant makes him more willing to overlook any gaps in employment in favor of skill sets he already recognizes in the future employee.

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