Which Sports Does Univision Deportes Cover?

Univision Deportes primarily covers soccer news from North, Central and South American countries, as well as from Portugal and Spain. Rarely, the television channel will also provide highlights and commentary for the sport of Formula 1 racing.

Univision Deportes Network is an American sports channel that is broadcast exclusively in Spanish. The network is very popular among members of the Latino and Hispanic communities in the United States, and the channel is available in over 39 million households, according to Robert Seidman of TV By the Numbers.

The channel airs live programming from the soccer leagues and tournaments Liga MX, Major League Soccer, the Gold Cup, Copa America, CONCACAF Champions League, U.S. and Mexican National Teams, Copa America Centenario and Premios Deportes. Furthermore, Unvision Deportes airs home games for almost all of the teams in the Mexican Primera Division. Along with live sports broadcasts, the television channel also has a number of sports talk shows, the most popular of which is entitled Univision Deportes Futbol Club. In Univision Deportes Futbol Club, the two hosts Jorge Calvo and Alejandro Berry discuss scores and highlights from various soccer games, have analyst and athlete guests and talk about all of the top soccer news from both on and off the field.