What Are the Specifications for a John Deere Gator?


The John Deere Gator XUV features a 50-horsepower DOHC engine and CVT transmission, cast-iron a-arms, a hydro-formed steel frame and a full-steel skid plate for under-body protection. Several Gator models are equipped with power steering and anti-kickback features. An 854-cubic centimeter diesel engine is available in the XUV 855D.

The Gator's dual overhead cam engine features all-aluminum heads in a cast block. This 12-valve three-cylinder engine has a displacement of 812 cubic-centimeters and offers a 44-mph top speed. The engine is available in the standard XUV 825i model, the 825i Power Steering model, the 825i Midnight Black edition and the 825i S4.

The Midnight Black edition provides a custom matte black paint scheme, black alloy rims with Maxxis 2.0 Bighorn tires and sport bucket seats. The 825i S4 model offers seating for four passengers, power steering, a larger wheelbase and additional storage space. The Gator XUV 855D features a liquid-cooled diesel engine, producing 23 horsepower and a 30-mph top speed. The 855D also has a power steering option and four-person capacity model option.

John Deere Gator XUVs are available in smaller-engine models, including the XUV 625i and XUV 550. The 625i features a 617-cubic-centimeter two-cylinder engine producing 23 horsepower. The XUV 550 is powered by a 570-cubic-centimeter air-cooled v-twin engine and has a four-seat model option.