Where Are Some Songs That Kids Can Play on the Recorder?


Some songs for kids to play on the recorder include ?Hot Cross Buns,? Mary Had a Little Lamb,? ?It?s Raining? and ?Old Macdonald.? These songs feature simple melodies with a limited number of different notes.

?Hot Cross Buns? features only three notes and there is very little variation in the melody. The simple sequence of B, A and G starts with the player?s index finger on the instrument?s top hole and then adds the middle finger and the ring finger for the next two notes. Learning ?Hot Cross Buns? can help kids practice the most basic finger positions and learn the names of the recorder?s top three notes.

?Mary Had a Little Lamb? is a slightly more advanced song that kids can move on to after they have mastered ?Hot Cross Buns.? The song uses the same three notes, but features them in a slightly more complicated sequence.

?It?s Raining? takes kids? playing a step further, adding the note E into the melody. The song also features a more complex sequence of notes that involves skipping between different holes, which helps kids practice more difficult finger patterns. ?Old MacDonald? adds in the note D, giving kids an even greater range.