What Are Some Simple Ideas for Decorating Cakes?

Simple ideas for decorating cakes include covering the cake with cookie balloons, candy, fruit or even small snack cakes. Sprinkles, chocolate drizzle and food-coloring doodles are other simple options for a fun and festive cake.

Real Simple suggests covering the cake with a simple frosting and then adding decorations. The website features a simple balloon design made by frosting vanilla wafer cookies, topping them with sprinkles and using licorice shoestrings to form the balloon strings. Real Simple and The Huffington Post both suggest covering the cake with candy, such as nonpareils or gummy bears, in simple or complex patterns. Candied lemons or fresh strawberries are also simple yet eye-catching decorations for a cake.

Incorporating colored sprinkles into the frosting or scattering them over the cake after it's frosted are easy ways to make a cake fancy and festive. Letting a small child draw with bright food-color markers on a fondant-covered cake is a sure way to produce an easy yet uniquely charming work of cake art. Store-bought meringues or animal crackers are cheerful accents and simple to add.

Finally, if the frosting of a cake doesn't go as well as intended, some simple cover-ups can save the day. Drizzling chocolate over the top of the cake or sticking small snack cakes such as Little Debbie Swiss rolls all over the top and sides of the cake produces an interesting and delightful cake and hides any accidental frosting disasters.