Why Should You Get Travel Insurance While Going Abroad?


A person should get travel insurance while going abroad to protect the financial investment made in preparation for and during the trip abroad. Travel insurance covers the costs associated with lost luggage, trip cancellation and medical care. Travel insurance is also important because it may be required to visit certain destinations, claims the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Unforeseen circumstance may force a person to cancel a trip abroad. Travel insurance enables people to recover the costs incurred in preparation for the trip, including airfare and hotel bookings. Travel insurance may also include medical insurance which covers the traveller when he seeks foreign health care services, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since some domestic insurance plans do not cover the emergency costs accumulated abroad, travel insurance cushions a person against a potential financial burden that arises from a severe illness or property loss.

Travel insurance is important because it facilitates repatriation in case one needs to be flown home due to an emergency, states TransitionsAbroad.com. Although travel insurance covers a person's health and belongings, it typically becomes invalid if personal harm or property loss arises out of alcohol consumption or drug use. Undeclared pre-existing medical conditions may also invalidate a travel insurance policy.

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