What Should I Look for When Shopping for a New Car?


When shopping for a new car, check the interior features, exterior features and drive train, according to Investopedia. Car buyers also should examine the safety technology and warranty.

Some features come standard, whereas others can be added for an additional price, states Investopedia. Individuals may choose features that make the car comfortable, safer or more attractive, depending on their budget and preferences. The selection of common interior features includes backup cameras, remote entry, power mats, heated seats and in-car Wi-Fi. Exterior features include power doors, rooftop storage racks, tow packages and upgraded wheels.

The component system that makes the vehicle run is called the drive train, and it consists of the engine, transmission and powered axles such as front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, explains Investopedia. It is essential to pick an engine size that enables the car to run at a preferred speed. Engines come in 1.6-liter, 2.0-liter or greater sizes with four, six or eight cylinders. Read reviews of the model to learn about the engine’s performance and the model's reliability and vulnerability to breakdowns.

Choose between an automatic transmission, which automatically operates the clutch and shift gears, and a manual transmission, which requires the driver to engage the clutch and shift gears, says Investopedia. Moreover, find out if the car’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash test rating is “good” or “acceptable” to determine its safety level. Finally, check what maintenance costs the warranty covers and for how many years.