What Should You Look for When Buying Tires on Amazon?


When buying tires through Amazon, buyers should keep in mind the seller and the full price of the tires, including shipping, as well as the cost of having the tires installed and balanced. Many traditional tire retailers offer installation services as part of the retail price, while Amazon does not.

Items, including tires, listed on Amazon are either sold directly by the company itself or by a third party retailer through the Amazon Merchant program, with both options carrying different shipping options and return policies. For example, tires sold directly through Amazon may qualify for free expedited shipping, while those sold by a third party may charge the buyer for shipping regardless of its speed. It is important to look for notes about shipping costs, as hefty shipping costs can outweigh the savings compared to purchasing from a traditional tires tore.

The cost of installation is also very important to keep in mind because many tire stores feature installation services on site, with some offering discounted or free services when making a purchase. Amazon allows users to see the final price, including shipping, of tires before making the purchase, which means the customer can compare this price to the cost at a local store to see the margin for installation costs.