What Should You Look for in an Apartment for Seniors 55 Years and Older?


Things to look for in an apartment for seniors include safety features, the bathtub or shower setup, how much storage space is available, if the cupboards and cabinets are easy to access, and if the unit is rent controlled. Renters should also look into the apartment complex's amenities and upkeeping.

Safety features in an apartment can include smoke detectors, a 24-hour alert system and sprinklers in case of a fire. Seniors should make sure the bathtub or shower can accommodate their future needs. They may also want a grab bar to help prevent falls. Since some seniors have accumulated a large amount of possessions, they should make sure the apartment has enough storage space for their necessities. Cupboards and cabinets should be easy to reach, so the renters don't have difficulty accessing them.

Common amenities include a pool, exercise center, outdoor areas and group activities. Prospective renters should make sure the facilities are kept clean and that the staff is friendly. The location of the complex and transportation options are also important. Prospective renters should find out what stores are closest. Those without cars may want to look into nearby public transportation options, while those with cars should verify that the apartment includes a parking space.

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