What Should You Include in a Snow Plowing Contract?


A snow removal contract should include the size of the driveway, extra work, such as clearing sidewalks, the type of equipment for removal and response time. A contract may also include information about where a homeowner lives, as some areas receive more snow than others.

Homeowners must expect to pay more for driveways that are large or long, or if there are wide areas for parking. Professionals often also charge more for gravel or dirt drives, which also is part of the contract. These driveways take longer to clear, as do driveways that slope or have curves, so this must also be part of the contract. Also, it is important to add any extras into the contract, such as walkways, which are part of the price.

The equipment that a professional uses is also usually in the contract. For instance, if the company uses snow blowers for snow removal, this is quicker and cheaper than shovels. However, snow blowers cannot access all areas, so shoveling must occur in some situations and this must be part of the contract. The response time is also usually part of a contract, and there might be a fee that is due for emergency situations. Since some areas get more snow than others, there is usually a part of the contract with information about the location.

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