What Are Some Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair?


Short hairstyles for fine hair include the short pixie cut, a Charlie's Angel cut, short curls and a bob. Layers and short bangs both look good with fine hair.

Short pixie cuts are layered with blunt edges and bangs. The bangs complement those with oval shaped faces.

A Charlie's Angel cut has a side part, with the hair on the side and the bangs curled away from the face. There isn't much layering in this cut. The curls make the hair look thicker. The cut looks best on those with thin faces.

Short curls are cut to the neck, and the curls frame the face. Bangs are optional, but they look good on longer faces. The hairstyle works well with those who have square or heart-shaped faces.

Bobs are cut to the jaw. The cut is layered and also goes well with square or heart-shaped faces. Wavy hair goes well with bobs. Add a wave to straight hair with a curling iron.

Thicken fine hair with products that contain liquid keratin and silk protein. Highlights or lowlights can make fine hair look like it has more volume. Complete any hair coloring at the salon as fine hair is very susceptible to damage.