What Are Some Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair?


Short hairstyles for curly hair can range from retro waves, asymmetrically sassy, curls with bangs, angel curls, hippy chic, classically edgy and the wet-and-wild look. Curly bob hairstyles are fun to wear, easy to style and look great on almost all face shapes.

For women with short curly hair, it can be frustrating trying to find a new look. The styles below offer some classy, edge, playful and sexy looks that work great with short curly hair.

Retro waves start with wet hair and use a comb to part it to one side, brushing the bangs forward. Brush the bangs back to create a "C" shape and clip with a bobby pin. Add styling gel for a better hold.

To get curls with a bang, dry bangs to the opposite side in which they are planned to lie and add texturing cream to the ends. Once all the hair is dry, brush the bangs to the opposite side and let hang naturally.

Get asymmetrical sass, by applying a volume mouse to the damp hair and drying in sections on low heat with a blow dryer, twisting the curls into a smooth professional shape in each section. Break up twists and loosen curls with finger tips and spray with hair spray. This method is excellent for creating angel curls, too; just loosen more of the curls for a less professional look.

For a classically edgy look, add a volume mouse to the entire head of damp hair. Use a diffuser to dry the hair about 80 percent. Use Argan oil to shape and smooth curls into the desired shape, using a hot curling iron if necessary to create the perfect curls.