How Do You Set Christmas Lights to Music?

How Do You Set Christmas Lights to Music?

To set Christmas lights to music, purchase lights, controllers, software and an FM transmitter. Put up the lights, select the music and use the software to write programming that allows you to control the lights. The estimated setup time is a couple hours a day for several weeks.

  1. Purchase needed equipment

    Determine how many lights you need, and purchase them. A Christmas light show for a medium-sized home can require as many as 40,000 lights. Purchase a control unit for the lights and add-on units for additional lights. To broadcast music over an FM radio frequency, purchase an FM controller.

  2. Put up the lights, and set up controllers

    Before putting up the lights, plug in each string to make sure the lights work. Use a sturdy ladder when climbing, and have someone hold the ladder if possible. Secure the lights with dedicated, insulated holders rather than nails or tacks. Do not secure lights to trees that touch power lines. Only plug lights in to grounded outlets that shut off if there is too much current. Make sure all extension cords are suitable for outdoor use.

  3. Choose music and write programming

    Consider non-traditional music to differentiate your home from those of neighbors. Using specialized software, write programming for turning the lights on and off to the beat of the music. Plan to spend about three to four hours programming for each minute of music.