What Are Some Services Offered by Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus is a student information system that offers a broad selection of services to enhance and ease the day-to-day operations of its clients. The company sells its communication and data management services to individual school districts and state education programs.

Infinite Campus offers four packages to its clients. The first is specifically for school districts and offers over 30 different features, such as attendance, online assessments and data analysis. The second package that the company offers is for state programs. As of 2015, it is being used in Kentucky, Hawaii, Maine, Montana and South Dakota. The state package offers the same core functions as the district edition but on a much larger scale.

The third package Infinite Campus offers is also tailored to school districts and is a premium software package that can be added onto the basic district package. It offers services that are designed to remove third-party entities such as food service or payroll service.

The final package Infinite Campus offers is designed to optimize the business operations of school districts. It focuses entirely on finance, human resources and payroll functions. Like the premium package, it is designed to be an add-on to the basic district package.