What Services Does Newfoundland Buy and Sell Offer?

Newfoundland Buy and Sell offers a variety of services to local islanders; primarily, it offers a place for people to buy and sell products. In addition to this, there is a dedication section for trade and barter. It is also a resource for people selling services and offering rentals as well as a place for general advertising for local businesses.

Newfoundland Buy and Sell is a one-stop marketplace for most anything that can be bought and sold. Visitors can find wanted ads for live cattle right next to requests for snow tires and heavy construction equipment. It is also an excellent place for finding professional services as well as local venue event tickets and rental properties. The site is fully searchable by region, city, category, maximum price, keyword and whether a photo is included. Results are displayed by a choice of price, date or relevancy.

The site is broken into five main areas. Place FREE Ads is for anyone wishing to advertise goods or services. Search is the utility for finding listings. New Car Ads is a specific section for island car dealers to advertise their current inventories. Shopping Fliers allows local business to advertise their current sales and promotional offers. The last section, Island Girls, offers a pictorial of local women posing in bathing suits and is sortable by town. Aside from its website, Newfoundland Buy and Sell also has a weekly print version it publishes available to local residents.