What Are Some Services That Camden National Bank Offers?

Camden National Bank offers a variety of banking and financial services for both personal and business customers, such as online banking, checking accounts and lending services. Other services offered by Camden National Bank include telephone banking, financial calculators, account protection, savings accounts and mobile banking services.

Business customers of Camden National Bank are able to access online business-banking services, such as account balance information monitoring, international money wires, account transfers and domestic wires. Camden National Bank's business customers can also download their account histories and consolidate them with third party financial software, such as Quicken or QuickBooks.

Camden National Bank can also issue a business debit card that is used for business purchases; this card is able to link with up to eight Camden National Bank accounts and can include purchase limits for security. Retail businesses can participate in merchant services offered by Camden National Bank. These services offer customers more payment options and guarantee that payments are made to the business. Camden National Bank's merchant services includes flexible options that are competitively priced with its competitors. Some other merchant services available from the bank include credit card equipment and customizable gift cards.

Camden National Bank was founded in 1875 and is a community bank based in Maine.