How Do You Send a Text Message From a Computer?

As of 2014, one way to send a text message from a computer is to use Yahoo! Messenger. You can send a text message for free using this method. However, it may cost the recipient to view or respond to the message, depending on their plan and carrier.

  1. Log into Yahoo! Messenger

    Pull up your Yahoo! Messenger by double clicking on the icon. Log in using your account information.

  2. Click the Action tab

    Highlight the contact you are text messaging and click the Action tab located at the top of the messenger. After that, click on the Send an SMS Message option that is presented on the list that appears.

  3. Select a recipient

    If you performed the previous option with a recipient from your contact list highlighted, enter the recipient's phone number. If you did not highlight a recipient, select a contact from your list.

  4. Enter the recipient's number

    Enter the recipient's cell phone number and click OK. This stores the number for future use.

  5. Enter your text

    Type your text into the chat box that appears. Perform this step in the same way you type out a regular instant message.

  6. Click send

    Click Send and the message is delivered as text message to the recipient's cell phone.