How Do You Sell Your House Quickly?


To sell your house quickly, price it appropriately, make it attractive in appearance, and make the necessary repairs to the home's interior and exterior. In addition, be easily available to show the house to prospective buyers, and market the house well, both offline and online, using plenty of attractive pictures of the home. You should also choose a good real estate agent.

When selling the house, do not quote a very high price, advises U.S. News & World Report. Instead, set the price based on the market value of other homes in the neighborhood and the condition of the home. Take the help of an appraiser to arrive at this figure.

To improve the home's appearance, spruce up its garden, give it a fresh coat of paint both inside and outside, de-clutter it, and make the home less personal. Prepare each room to highlight its uses; remove any pets; and update, repair and replace old, damaged and worn-out items in and around the house.

Be flexible with respect to timing when meeting prospective buyers, and respond promptly to their queries. Provide information about the neighborhood and the facilities available to the buyers.

When marketing the house online, ensure that it appears on all major websites. In the online advertisements, include photos of the home's front, interiors and landscape and a virtual tour. In addition, advertise the sale in major newspapers and real estate magazines. Design a for sale sign, and put it up strategically on your lot.

Select a real estate agent based on his past performance. Obtain references from his recent clients and from the real estate board of the locality. Get to know his commission and list price before entering into a listing agreement.

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