What Is School FASTT Math?

School FASTT (Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology) Math is software created to help students who are having trouble mastering the Common Core State Standards for mathematics in grades one through three. The FASTT software is adaptive as it provides a unique learning progression for its users which allows the student to develop towards fluency in division, multiplication, addition and subtraction at their own pace.

The FASTT Math system begins by establishing the specific needs of the user. Through a comprehensive assessment test, FASTT discerns where the student needs to strengthen their understanding of basic mathematics. Once these deficiencies are identified, the software begins fortifying these points of weakness in the student's understanding of the subject. The FASTT system uses a combination of daily instructional sessions and games that are designed to facilitate individual practice, in order to bolster the student's proficiency level in mathematics. Instructional sessions require ten minutes a day to complete, and there are eighteen games for the users to utilize for practice.

Additionally, the system also provides a dashboard by which positive reinforcement for the student is provided. The student dashboard displays the daily progression of the user's studies. This motivates the student as they see themselves excel in areas where they previously had difficulty, in addition to allowing them to establish ownership over their studies.