How Do You View a Schedule for MTA Los Angeles?

To view a schedule for the Metro in Los Angeles, visit the maps and timetables section of the official Metro website; here, find detailed Metro bus and rail timetables organized into categories such as Metro Local Service, Limited Stop Service, Express, Metro Rapid Service and Metro Rail Service. In addition to timetables, each Metro Rail Service and Metro Transitway line links to a map. Another way to find information about Los Angeles Metro schedules is the Trip Planner tool.

To use the Trip Planner tool, fill out the requested information about where and when you intend to travel and your travel preferences. Search fields include the starting point and ending point of the trip, searched by entering text into the search box or by the name of a station or landmark. Additionally, search by the desired departure and arrival time and day. Preference options given are the travel mode, with the options of bus or rail, the fare class and the maximum walking distance.

The official Metro website lists its bus services by the direction and destination of travel; for instance, buses travel to and from Downtown Los Angeles, east and west routes in some areas, north and south routes in other areas. Metro also has pocket guides for on-the-go fare and schedule information.