How Do You Find Salary and Payroll Information for Employees With Bob Evans?

Find salary and payroll information for Bob Evans restaurant employees at and These websites list the salaries of top management and hourly rates of other employees at Bob Evans Restaurants.

Salaries at Bob Evans Restaurants differ depending on the employee's specific job, years of experience, skills, location and certification. Restaurant general managers earn more than servers and line cooks, and employees with fewer than four years of experience earn less than more experienced employees. Employee skills that pay well at Bob Evans include budget management, operations management, customer service and scheduling.

Employees in Madison Heights, Michigan, receive higher paychecks than employees in other cities. Other high-paying cities include Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Employees who have the ServSafe food handlers certification receive a higher salary than those who do not. Employees with bachelor's degrees also earn more.

Information on the benefits and perks that employees of Bob Evans receive is also available on and A minority of the employees receive paid vacations and sick leaves. Most of the employees save some of their earnings in a company-sponsored 401(k) plan. Several employees also enjoy health insurance and dental coverage. Some of the perks of working at Bob Evans Restaurants include life insurance, stock purchase plans, stock options and free drinks.