How Do You Safely Sharpen a Chain Saw?

How Do You Safely Sharpen a Chain Saw?

To safely sharpen a chainsaw, mount the tool on a vise, and clamp the cutter bar. Sharpen the set of cutters with a round file, and grind the depth gauges down with a flat file. Remove the spark plug before sharpening the chainsaw, and wear work gloves during the process.

To sharpen a chainsaw, first mount it on a vise to hold the tool in place firmly. Clamp only the cutter bar so that chain movement remains unhindered.

A chainsaw has two cutter sets, with one facing right and the other left. Sharpen one set of cutters at a time using a round file. Use a sharpening guide with the file to maintain the cutter angles. When using the file, use three to five strokes for every cutter set, with each stroke directed away from your body.

Then, flip the tool, and sharpen another set of cutters in a similar fashion. Mark the first set of cutters that are sharpened using a bit of paint.

Next, grind the depth gauges using a flat file until each gauge becomes flush with the sharpening guide. File the depth gauges once every three or four times you sharpen the cutters.

To sharpen a chainsaw safely, always remove the spark plug to prevent the tool from starting accidentally during sharpening. Also, use heavy-duty gloves to avoid slicing your fingers during the sharpening process.

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