What's Included on the Apple IOS 7 Update?

What's Included on the Apple IOS 7 Update?

The iOS 7 update includes changes to the overall design and interface, new features for the Camera and Photos apps, a new security system and an improved multitasking functionality. The update also adds a new voice to the digital voice assistant and includes an option to automatically update apps.

The changes to the interface did away with the skeuomorphic design for icons and apps and replaced the 3D effects with a flatter design and a pastel color scheme. The changes also introduced a new zooming animation, which replaced the dissolve effect featured in iOS 6, and a new parallax effect for the wallpaper, providing an illusion of distance to the wallpaper as the user moves his iPhone or iPad around.

IOS 7 added a feature called Control Center that displays the most commonly used settings on the front, allowing users to access them from any screen. Control Center also provides an option to access music controls, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, and airplane mode by swiping up from the bottom of the display. The notification pull-down menu that’s part of the Control Center includes three tabs that display alerts, messages and missed calls, and provides immediate access to camera controls and alarm settings.

One of the more prominent features of the iOS 7 update is the addition of AirDrop, a service that creates a local network between nearby devices with the iOS 7 update installed, allowing users to share files with their friends by simply tapping their pictures.

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