What Rooms Are Included in Most House Plans With 500 Square Feet?


Homes under 500 square feet always contain a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a living room. A single room may have dual purposes, as a fold out table can turn a living room into a dining room or home office. Some home models have a laundry room and office space.

These home designs use other ways of making a single room serve two purposes. A couch or change in flooring may be the only feature designating the living room from the dining room. A platform bed may distinguish the bedroom from the nearby office space. While all of these home designs have a simple bathroom, some even find space for a narrow bath tub. Closets are sometimes placed along hallways and have a mirrored sliding door. This allows the hallway to double as a dressing room. Some models allow the dining room and living room to be used as a miniature movie theater by replacing the television with a wall projector.

These micro homes often feature floor to ceiling custom shelving to make the most use of storage space. Open shelving is sometimes used as a wall to separate rooms. Skylights are commonly used to provide natural lighting, and mirrors or white washed walls give the illusion of space. Sliding glass doors between rooms also bring a spacious feel to the home.

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