How Do You Get Rid of a Smoke Smell in Your Home?

To remove the smell of smoke inside a home, wipe down all surfaces, clean the window treatments and have the floors cleaned. Dispose of any linens or rugs that still have the smoke odor after washing them.

Cigarette smoke clings to everything inside the home, including furniture, blankets and rugs, flooring, walls and even the ceiling. The best way to neutralize the smell is by cleaning everything as much as possible. Open all the windows to air out the home. Throw all linens, rugs and curtains in the washing machine. If any of these linens still smell of smoke after washing, consider whether or not they are salvageable

After the window treatments are removed, clean the windows. Pull blinds down and clean them thoroughly. Wash all windows, doors, walls and trim, including the baseboards and outlets. Also wash the ceiling, as smoke rises and causes odor there as well. Professional cleaning may be needed for furniture and carpeting. Let the cleaner know about the smell of smoke so he can use the right cleaning products.

To create temporary relief from smoke odor, set out bowls filled with white vinegar help neutralize the odor, so that it doesn't last a long time.