What Retailers Have Carpet Stands for Sale?


Carpet display and storage stands are available from a number of online retailers, including RASEC Retail, Firefly Store Solutions and Alibaba.com, as of 2015. Additional carpet stand retailers and manufacturers include American Surplus and Tier-Rack.

RASEC Retail is an online retailer that provides furniture and service solutions for stores and other businesses. RASEC offers a number of carpet and rug display stand styles, as well as displays for ceramic, parquet, wallpaper and doors.

Firefly Store Solutions is a retail store outfitter that provides fixtures, furniture and information about merchandising and retail trends. The website features a number of store solutions, including carpet displays, mannequins, clothes hangers and jewelry displays. Carpet display stands include the big binder, floor racks and wall racks.

American Surplus Inc. is a warehouse storage and material handling equipment retailer. The company sells a wide range of new and used commercial storage equipment, including bulk racks, cantilever racks, carousel systems and conveyors. American Surplus sells used carpet racks and stands from a number of manufacturers, including Frazier, Interlake, Steel King and Mecalux.

Tier-Rack is a manufacturer and retailer of portable stack racks for storage and display. The racks are customizable for a number of retail purposes, including product display, storage and shipping. Tier-Rack's custom carpet and pad racks also provide security to rolls of material during transport.

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