How Do You Restore Kitchen Cabinets?


Kitchen cabinet restoration is accomplished with the help of professionals or a good do-it-yourself (DIY) plan. A budget dictates how well and how soon a kitchen cabinet can be restored. Professional kitchen restorers, like Kitchen Tune-up, offer not just professional services, but also warranties for material, workmanship and restoration. However, there are also products like Howard Restore-A-Finish that give DIY projects a professional-looking finish for less.

Normally, kitchen cabinet restoration is a three-step process that involves cleaning, sanding and varnishing or staining. Wood fillers are sometimes used to fill in spaces made by dents, scratches or cracks. This is typically accomplished before sanding for a more even surface. However, if old paint has to be removed and replaced with a new coat, stripping can be performed before sanding. This can take one to two days for professionals and anywhere between three days to a week or more for non-professionals.

The Family Handyman, an online site for home improvements, recommends a step-by-step DIY guide on how to refresh kitchen cabinets for an average of 20 hours. The time to finish this project depends on the availability of tools and materials needed, and the restorer's ability to understand and follow directions correctly.

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