What Are Some Resources That Offer Information About Instant Free Money From the Government?

Grants.gov provides information about free grants that the U.S government and other federal agencies offer. Benefits.gov offers information about benefits that may be available to individuals and the application procedure. All government benefits programs have specific eligibility requirements, and a person must apply to get assistance, warns the Federal Trade Commission. The programs don't require applicants to pay a fee.

Grants.gov provides a list of 26 federal agencies that award grants as of 2015. Among these agencies are the Department of Energy, the Small Business Administration, the Agency for International Development, the Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, as listed by Grants.gov. The site also provides general steps in applying for grants.

Benefits.gov provides a prescreening questionnaire that individuals can use to assess their eligibility for various federally funded benefit and assistance programs. Although a person cannot apply for benefit programs directly on Benefits.gov, the website provides instructions on how to apply. The benefit programs cover areas such as job training, health care, nutrition assistance and education, according to Benefits.gov.

There have been reports of scammmers promising to offer instant access to free money from the government in exchange for a fee or personal information. These con artists post advertisements or make direct phone calls claiming to represent the federal government and offering help with paying utilities or mortgage bills. People who receive such offers or think they fell victim to a scam should report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission or the police, advises the FTC.